what I made yesterday

big painting...

cutting the big one in pieces...

putting the pieces at random together...

new piece of art!


Hi everybody,

Today I will be working on the theme FREEDOM!
I will explore it by making art about it.
No idea what will be the result.
I will let you know!
My studio is open for everyone who wants to join me.

From 12 till 5.

Rijnburgerweg 75

early morning...

words do not come so easily this moment...
but the ink stains do...
a horselike figure appears in early morning...

diary july 29th 2016

on freedom...

Today I was thinking about a theme for this week's open studioday on Saturday. I asked myself: 'What is moving me these days, what touches my heart?' My answer is definitely: freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom to move around in this world, freedom to be who you are, regardless of sexuality, religion, color or whatever. Freedom for women to choose their partners, freedom for children to get an education instead of having to work.

In the Netherlands freedom is a normal thing. It speaks for itself, it is a given. But also here fear creeps in. With every terrorist act we tend to become more prepared to give up a part of our freedom to feel more safe. Some people calling for the borders to close, for rigid rules regarding refugees.

I wonder: 'What has art and making art to do with freedom? What is my role regarding freedom actually?' There is no way I can change much about the way things go on a large (world)scale or in a political sense.
But what about our personal freedom, our freedom in our minds, to search all the corners of our souls and hearts in an open, unbiased way?

What I do know something about is how we all put ourselves in cages with bars made of fear for others, fear for judgement, the most harsh judgements coming from ourselves. We put bars between ourselves and the world using fear and prejudice, structuring and simplifying our view of the world and ourselves in that way.

We can do better! We can try to open our minds, our hearts to ourselves first and really listen. What is it that keeps me here, what keeps me small, what ... creates fear and unfreedom? Will asking ourselves these questions help us to understand our own fears and thus understand others better and be more compassionate?

For me art is about searching my soul, about finding out what keeps me from my freedom and what helps me to free myself and thereby to help me understand others. It is about accepting my art, about not being too harsh on myself and my art. If I do not have to make perfect art, it is easier to look with open eyes and heart at the art others make.

We have every right and indeed the duty to defend ourselves against terrorist acts. But in the meantime we have to take care to stay open. Not only for the worlds sake, but maybe even mostly for ourselves. If art can help us here, which I believe on a small personal scale it can… I would love to be a part of that.

I do not know how to make this more of a practical job, but this Saturday I will be working on art dedicated to freedom. I would love you to come and help me.

The studio will be open from 12 to 5.
Rijnsburgerweg 75, Leiden, The Netherlands

in desperate need of color!

'in need of color'

after two days of working on my paper stuff (and I do not mean paper to draw on), 
I am in need of paint, color, art so I made this piece of art on craftspaper

inspired by Calder

These two images are some of the results of a day long playing with simple forms, clear colors, scissors, felttips and  a pen. The darker green is the inside of an enveloppe, while the two more square forms are post-its.

Feeling happy while making these!

Did you know... Alexander Calder

Did you know that yesterday it was exactly 118 years ago that Alexander Calder was born? I did not, but I discovered it this morning on facebook. Shame on me, because I am an absolute admirer of his art. The lightness and playfulness are so inspiring. Inspiring for my art and my life. 'We do not all have to make this very heavy art', he seems to say. It is okay to laugh and to make 'childish' art, to use clear colors and not to be depressed and suffering as an artist.

Actually and do not know very much about his personal life or his personality, but I love what I see transpiring through his work. I take that as a remembrance of the art I want to make: light, playful, poetic, yet meaningful in the feeling that it beams out. A message of: let us love life, let us celebrate life in all its forms! What else is there to life anyway!

Today I am honouring Alexander Calder by reading about him, watching his work and by making happy playful art myself. 

okay... and now what?

okay... and now what?

That's what friend and artist Sacha Wendt asked me after I published my blogpost on not being happy with how I am presenting myself online.
And she is right of course. That is the big question. What am I going to do with my blog?

One thing is that I will be writing more on what happens in me and in my life and how that reflects in the art. I want to write more on how art makes me feel, the importnace of art, or maybe the unimportance about it.

Today I got up a bit late late. I love to get up early and to have made some art before all the 'to-do's' jump on me and take my attention and focus away from art.
I doodled and doodled and doodled some 20 blogposts together. They only exist in my head. I can have really good ideas while doodling. 

Here is one of the doodles of this morning:

One of the blogposts was about visiting musea or galleries. Recently I visited some exhibitions of artists I admire. Every visit left me completely overstimulated, tired and worn out. For days I couldn't stop thinking about what I had seen. 

What is the reason for that? I think that I look at art in a different way these days. When I look at something I seem to enter the piece of art and try to find out what the artist was thinking, no, feeling while making this. What were the struggles, at what part did the flow kick in, what mood made this blue take its place in this painting? That kind of questions enter my mind all the time while looking at art. And I think that can be pretty tiresome all that thinking...

I used to look only for inspiration when looking at work of others. Looking for ideas on colorschemes or themes. I used to look fast and after having seen most of the work the only thing I wanted to do is run home to my studio and paint until deep in the night.

Well Sacha, I don't know what I will be doing on my blog but I think you can expect pieces like the above. Just writing down what's happening in my life as an artist. Maybe people will recognize something and maybe they want to react.

Studio Garbage

not too happy with my blog... and trying to do it different

For some time now, for a long time actually, I don't feel very happy about my blog and about my online life in general to be more accurate. 
I post what I have made and take care that people can find it back on my blog and in my webshops. Sometimes I write a few additional lines about the piece of art and that is it.
Nothing wrong with that in fact. That is what an artist is supposed to do, isn't it? Make nice art and try to make it visible for the public and maybe even sell it...

Still, I never feel very satisfied when I've posted an image of a painting. It feels a bit empty. A bit not honest, a bit unreal maybe. I never could really figure out why this is. Why do I have this empty feeling around this way of working?

Today I was reading in Austin Kleon's book 'show your work!' and I had a little inkling of what it might be that bothers me. In fact, my artmaking is never about the endproduct, about the actual painting or drawing that I show at the end. No, my artmaking is all about the process, the emotions while drawing the lines, all the ideas and associations that come to mind while choosing a color or covering up the whole piece. Stories or poems float in and out of my mind, leaving traces in the piece of art or not.

Putting my work in my webshop suddenly 'reduces' it to a product, which of course it is in the end. But I would like to keep a bit of the dreams and the magic that where there while I made this piece because this is what really matters to me in making art. Not the endproduct. Once I consider the painting finished it loses a lot of it's importance to me. Don't get me wrong: I love it when people like my art and when they buy it I'm very happy. But art, my making art is so much more for me. It's like breathing. I need to make art to feel alive. I need the process of making art.

And maybe that is what my blog should be about. About what happens while I paint, what I think about, what my doubts are, what stories come to mind and what it means to me. Just because that is what my art is... not only an image... (and a link to a webshop).

Thank you, Austin! In your book you mention a way of sharing your creativity with the world and it is 'think in processes not in products' . When I really read that part today I suddenly realized that my art is all about process.

Read more about Austin Kleon here

open atelier!

Deze twee zitten al te wachten tot het atelier morgen 
weer open gaat, zoals iedere zaterdag.
Van 12-17 is het atelier open en kun je een mini-lesje 'ARTJOURNAL' volgen, mijn kunst bekijken, of wat lezen in een boek over kunst.

you're welcome in my studio tomorrow, saturday, from 12 till 5

And tomorrow, saterday, my studio will be open again from 12 till 5.
For your weekly infusion with art and creativity!

for more information look here

the fox in the city

'the fox in the city'

I love the black outside of my sketchbooks. 
I use them to put my excess of paint on.
By accident they turn into pieces of art themselves,
Like this one...

You can get this image in print here

birdy is taking a walk

'Birdy is taking a walk'

Today I added this small (20x20 cm/7,9x7,9 in) piece to my Etsyshop
It is a collage on canvas. You see cutouts from a drawing made 
with markers on paper. I love to draw on paper because it feels like 
a quick way to capture what my accidental lines are telling me. 

castle at sunset

'castle at sunset' 

I made this piece of art in my big artjournal. I started by glueing all sorts of paper to make a collage background. After that I made the painting/drawing over the collage. I used all kind of materials from ink to acrylic paint and oilpastel.

The picture is available in print on several products here.

sleepy monday, sweet dreams

This monday is a sleepy day, a lovely day. A day with a lot of dreams like: what art am I going to make this week, today? What art will I share with the world and what will I keep for my self? Every day is a journey and my steps are pieces of art, good or bad, happy or sad...

I have a 'Featured design on Redbubble'!

This work by me is on the homepage of Redbubble today. And this is what they said about it:

'Hi mariska eyck,
Your work, 'a diary page' is on the Redbubble homepage today. One of our homepage curators picked your image because they thought it was brilliant. Every day we add a handpicked selection of works to the homepage and a number of other prominent places around the site - we call these works "Featured Designs".

MY STUDIO/GALLERY OPENS ON SATURDAY, every saturday! from 12-5

Hi everybody,

From this week on my studio will be opened
every saturday from 12 till 5.

You are very welcome to visit me and see how I paint or you can pick up a brush and paint a little by yourself. I love to show you and let you feel how easy it is to make art.

Or, if you feel like it you can just sit on the couch and read a in one of the many artbooks I have in my private mini-library on art and creativity.

My studio is also my gallery, where you can watch and buy my work.

In short: if you want to infuse yourself with art and color, come around and visit me on saturdays from 12 till 5.

... I might even serve a drink.

Rijnsburgerweg 75, 2334BH Leiden (mariska.eyck@gmail.com)

by the way: you can pay using PIN