a great art manifestation and a trip to Switserland...

Wouw, the art manifestation in Leiden (Kunstroute Leiden) was a wunderful experience. I met a lot of nice people and sold some of my artwork. I turned my workingspace into a little shop which felt so familiar to me, since my father used to be a shop owner.

Shortly after that  we went to Switserland to visit my father in law. We stayed in a beautiful little village named Lutry, next to the Lake. We were very lucky with the weather and walked everyday to see the mountains, the boats, the water and 
the other people also having a good time.

We went by train to and from Switzerland which took us about eleven hours traveling both times. Although the views are beautiful from the train, I also spent a lot of time doodling and doodling some more. At home, back in my studio, I worked a little more on these doodles. 
Here are some examples.

Have a nice october!