working in books...

I sold another painting today on Etsy. Since that doesn't happen very often I'm very happy about that. Soon this one will be shipped to the USA. It made me thinking: 'I have to make more paintings...'
Actually I have more than enough art in stock to last a couple of months even if I make sales every day. But still it startled me, that thought of 'having to' make more.
At this moment I hardly do any real paintings. I work in books, make books and make prints from pages in my books. I write in them, draw and paint and make collages here. I love to do this so much that my bookshelves are getting full, overloaded in fact. What I love so much about the working in the books is that it is very easy to flip through the pages and to keep on working on the drawings or paintings all the time, adding a little here, and adding a little there a few pages later. In that way stories seems to emerge step by step, line by line.
I start new books and go back to books I made twenty years ago. Reading old memories, seeing old drawings and adding new ones is a bit like life itself. I guess that that is why I love this way of working so much.

queen in the morning: a monday poem...

queen in the morning
sleepy head
but the eyes open
'it will be a good day for ruling',
she thinks
and she gets up
brushes her teeth
and goes to work

shut the hell up


I'm reading this wonderful book right now. It is called 'Collage' and it is written by Danielle Krysa (aka 'the jeaous curator'). It is full of collages (of course) and absolutely inspiring.

So I thought about trying a collage also. I do that more often, but now I tried something different. I googled the word 'HELLUP', which is Dutch for 'help', although wrongly spelled. I just picked the word because I used it today.

Googling I looked only at the images that came up and picked some, printed them and started cutting them up, glueing them down. Then I scanned the result and reworked it roughly with photoshop and voila.... here is the resulting image! I hope you like it as much as I loved making it!

reviving old paintings

I cut up an old painting and made some new art of it. 
This is one of the new pieces.
A sweet, happy girl with birds singing around her head.

prints are available here