an ode to literacy

an ode to literacy

We all learn to read and write, at least in this privileged part of the world. 
It becomes so normal, so natural to us that we tend to forget how wonderful this whole thing is. 
With just 26 signs we can create worlds. Combining the letters in in all sort of different ways, 
leaving some space inbetween here and there, creates stories that didn't exist before. 
By deciphering these combinations we enter the minds of other people. 

So, here is my artful honour to the alphabet, to reading, to the free word in fact.

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suddenly she is there: the bird
and there is the window
is this painting ready or not?
at this moment I don´t feel any urge to add something
maybe I´ll think differently tomorrow
I'll wait and see

'a plant in a colorful vase'

I recently bought a tablet. My first one! This image is one of the first I made with it. 
I made all the parts of this piece of art first by hand, using acrylic paint, pen, collage. 
Then I scanned it all the with a high resolution. 
After that I merged the diverse parts together using Photoshop. 

I love my tablet!

You can buy this print in my shop at 'werkaandemuur'.

a day in summer

'a summerday'

A sunny mood, a bit lazy, but still lots of possibilities. 
Isn´t that what a warm summerday does to you? 
The original of this work is a drawing made with markers.

available as print in my shop at 'werkaandemuur'



painting on paper on canvas
mixed media
40x30 cm (15,7x11,8)

available in my Etsyshop