Happiness-route in Leiden

Hi everybody,

I'm joining the Happiness-route in Leyden that will take place in november 2016.
Right now I'm making a little book with ideas on how to find out what makes you happy. In the booklet there is plenty of room to draw and write.
On 12th of november you can come over and pick up a booklet here at 'The Happy Artist' for free. You can even sit here and 'work' in your book. There will be a table full of artsupplies to have a great time totally spent on happiness.

More information (other people joining the Happiness-route) you can find here.


available as print on several products here 

going digital...

I work with Photoshop quite often. To enhance the colors for instance. Scanning my drawings can take away a lot of the dept and the detail of them and that needs a reworking to make the work available for print. 
But what will happen when I draw and paint directly on the screen, making a work a digital one from the beginning? Can it have as much detail, atmosphere? I see people make wonderful work on the screen.
And what about me? I am really hooked to the pencil and the brush. I cannot live a day without them. Can I find that same satisfaction and rest when I draw on a screen?
I loved making the one above. I'll try some more and let you know. 

For now: have a nice monday!

doodling and meditation

Everyday I start with a notebook and a pen. I intend to write, but sometimes all I do is doodling around.Doodling seems to be like the finger exercises every pianist must do again and again, to keep the fingers in shape, to train the brain-hand coordination. For me doodling is also like a warming up of the hand and it seems to enhance the souplesse of the drawing and painting. 

But besides the training of my hand, doodling has other effects. The longer I doodle and play around the more silent it becomes in my mind. All the 'I shoulds' slowly disapear. My head becomes clear and calm. I know what to do that day, what is really important to me. In that way it is a bit like meditation or what I would like meditation to do: to give clairity, rest and room in my always thinking head. To give focus on what matters most.

Considering all that, doodling is as essential to me as is eating and sleeping.

So here is to doodling!

on science and art

Today I've been working on some of my larger paintings. I found it quite difficult. I don't know why. I kept struggling with color, composition and meaning. Then I ran into the a piece of art on science and art (detail above). In it there were the following words I wrote a couple of months ago:

In science & art
we're all seekers
We don't believe in easy truths
but we do believe in miracles
That's not so difficult, 
because we see them happening

the moment

the moment
the pen slows down,
placing every letter,
every dot,
every form
with the utmost attention,
that is when the drawing or writing gets its meaning

sometimes this meaning is nothing else
than the artists' meditative state itself,
thus adding to the accumulation of silent moments
in the world, the universe,
adding rest,
adding peace

simplify your life

Today I made this collage based on one of the mantra's of Flow, an inspiring and fun magazine. I love this magazine a lot. I said that before, I think. But... why not repeat a good thing?
Anyway, Flow is often packed with nice papergoodies with patterns on it. I happen to like dots and used them in this collage. Let's go with the flow... and simplify our lives. At least I can try!