when is a piece of art really finished?

These days I don't sign any work anymore until it is definitely no longer my possession and has moved on.
It seems that some work never is finished. It can take an hour, a day, or 20 years, I can always change things about it. And I do.
Some paintings grow old in my studio and keep on developing there.
For some works I am very aware that they are not yet complete, but others can trick me. I can think for years that they are okay like they are and need no more changing. But then suddenly they wisper or scream that they want something else from me. It can be that I change small things, add some details. But some paintings are completely born again, since they keep nothing, no color, no form like it was before. They enter a new phase of my art, like I can do.

I find this an interesting proces.
I used to think that it was my insecurity, indecisiveness that kept me from 'finishing'  my work. Nowadays I think about all these unfinished works like my friends. They live and grow with me, they grow old with me, they change with me.

Just like my human friends do.

I love to work in the garden...

first collage of today... and a digital make over

just glueing every little piece of paper I found on my table in 
my artjournal and making a drawing over it

after scanning the original I gave it a digital remake using Photoshop

I don't know which one I like better...

big plans... so little time...

It seems like everything is working together to keep me from painting the walls. 
Anyway, I squeezed in half an hour to start on the garden fence.
There will be much more of course. 
I'll keep you updated! 

When the weather is good tomorrow I'll start on the outide walls of the house. 
Come and take look! 
It will be OPEN STUDIO SATURDAY again.

the world is my canvas

When we were very young, I guess some 4 years old, my sister and I slept in a small room together. We always thought the room rather dark, which we didn't like. So we painted a huge yellow sun on the wall. We were absolutely convinced that it brightened up the room completely. We were happy and proud. We showed it to our parents and they agreed with us. They understood that children have a need to paint on walls. That they need large canvasses. 
Today I am feeling that same need again: to paint on walls, to paint furniture, to paint everything. I think I still feel the same way: that doing this would brighten up the rooms, the streets, the world.
So I wonder what I will be doing the coming days. I hope you will join me on this blog to witness it.

Have a great day! 

honey, I'm home!

this piece of art is about 'normal' things that make me happy, 
like my house, birds, colors

(available as print on several products in my Redbubbleshop)

The Happy Artist, artsy giftshop and more

It's saturday again and I'm working in my shop/studio/gallery. 
I'm still searching for the right name. Today I'll work with 'THE HAPPY ARTIST'.
Why? Because there is nothing that makes me more happy than making art. 
And most of all I like to make joyfull art, whether it turns out as paintings, 
drawings or a design for a mug or a t-shirt. 
Or for a postcard? I love the concept of a postcard. 
A small piece of paper with some art on it. 
You can carry it along or send it to someone. 
It's cheap and therefore available for almost everybody. 

anyone in need of some color on this rainy day?

Today was a very rainy and cold day. It didn't look like anything like summer. It felt like autumn, without the golden and red leaves. I have been doodling around a lot and was cought up again in the retro-mood. I found some paper in my studio with beautiful colors and made some collages which turned out into these designs. I hope they will brighten up your day. I try to remember myself of the summer which I'm sure will come back this year. Will it help if we all hope for that together?

the retro-mood...

I read an article on fat lava this morning. Ever heard of it? I didn't know the name, but when I saw the pictures I thought: 'AAAARGH, I remember that kind of vases! They gave me nightmares and very agressive impulses.'
Here are some examples:

I got this picture from kaylovesvintage.blogspot.nl

Here are some more links on this kind of stuf:
the ranch designgroup
little owl ski

It seems that although we wanted to destroy them years ago, there are people who really collect them.
And it is strange: the more pictures I see of these vases, the more I tend to like some of them. Is that just the effect of being overloaded with images? Like with Pokemon: in the end no matter how much you hate them, once you've seen 2000 of them there will be one you don't dislike as much as the others and you are actually going to like. And then another one, and then another one also.
I don't know. You can try this for yourself by taking a look at some of the sites mentioned above or by just typing 'fat lava' into your searchbar.

Anyway the fat lava brought me into some sort of a retro-mood, which made me finish this design I started some time ago.

By the way: this design is available as print on several products on Redbubble

wise words... or just nonsense?

'everything is going to be ok in the end.
if it is not ok, it's not the end',
is what the king is saying.
is he right or is it just nonsense?

just playing: art made from leftovers in the studio

Art made from leftovers. I call it Studio Garbage. 
Here I used paper, tape, paint and a pen. Just playing!

studio open today!

Hi everyone, it is saturday again and my studio will be open for the public today!
I will be working mostly in my artjournals this day. 
Come and take look or start one yourself. 
You can also take a look at my paintings or other products with my design printed on it.

You are welcome from 12 till 5!

a new artjournal...

I have always been fascinated with stories and books. When I am drawing it feels like telling a story, although the story can remain vague and only for me to understand.
Some two or three years ago I started making books of old drawings and working in sketchbooks. People call it artjournaling. Look for more information at the work of, for instance, Dawn Devries Sokol.
Today I made a start with a new artjournal. I made it from two old magazines glued together. I already used written pages as canvases before, but I guess I took a wrong magazine (too many words maybe). Another time I used an old studybook (of which I had a second copy in the new edition) to paint in. That was a bit difficult, because it kept reminding me of the 'good old' times in a not so nice way. I saw what I used to know, but did not remember exactly anymore. The fading memory being a bit traumatic. So I did a couple of pages and stopped it.
Yesterday I saw this video from Jamie Ridler on the internet. She talked about using beautiful magazines as journals. That did the trick for me, I think, the choosing of beautiful magazines instead of the ones I do not want anymore.
I choose two copies of the 'Flow' and glued them together. The nice thing now was that I choose the magazines on purpose. I love 'Flow' very much and it tends to inspire me time after time. The articles about creativity and about artists make that I usually read it in one or two sessions directly after it has arrived in my mailbox ('please don't disturb me for the coming hours!').
But after I have read them I do not see much of the copies anymore. Sometimes I give them away, but I love to keep them to be honest.
Today I started using them as an artjournal and I discovered that the good thing about this way of working is that I get inspired immediately by reading a little bit here and there. At the same time I can cover everything I do not want to keep with paint, while leaving words, quotes, articles intact that I want to remember and see again and again.
So I think I will be doing much more of this and I'll let you know.

Here are some snapshots of some pages I did today