Today I started rereading 'Women Who Run With The Wolves' by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. In 1995 I made this painting while reading it for the first time. My art was never the same again after this painting especially the way I looked at it myself. I started to be more curious about what I made was telling me about myself. There was a deepening in my experience in making art. It also started my thinking about the meaning of creativity in the understanding of the mind in general and of the mind of my clients in special. 

Anyway, maybe this is the most important painting I've ever made. I don't mean the most beautiful or the best but really the most important to me. Thank you very much Wild Woman and thank you Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

question: what makes your day (shine, glow....)?

Today I completed the 12 weeks  lasting course described in the book 'The Artist's Way, a spiritual path to higher creativity', written by Julia Cameron. Being interested in creativity, its development and its contribution to personal growth and to solutions to worldproblems, I started this course on the 26th of april. 

I was also interested in finding out if the course would be engaging and thrilling  enough for me to complete the 12 weeks. I tend to get bored easily by this kind of things.

But this time it was different. For instance, the course requires that you write 3 pages every morning. It doesn't matter what it is about or whether the writing is any good. I got completely hooked to the writing en almost never skipped a day. 

Right now I'm not going to write more about this course. What I want to do now is share a few lines from one of the last pages of the book, which  I like a lot and which cover a few of the basic ideas of Julia Cameron:

All creative ideas are children who deserve our protection.

All creative success requires creative failure.

a lecture

when will concrete become purple and pink?

when will the roofs have all the colors of the rainbow?

when will we think that our dreams are more important than
gathering more and more goods?

will all that
happen on the day that we realize that the eyes of the others are our own

Being creative requires us to be very serious about taking ourselves lightly. We must work at learning to play.

one of the essences of 'The Artist's Way',  by Julia Cameron