dromen in december

On this grey december morning I dreamt about sun, beach and sea and made this small poem in Dutch.  And for a moment the sun showed itself also here in Leiden.

21 fishes, day 15

'funny fish sleeping inside my head, while I sing a song'
a drawing from my artjournal, pimped with photoshop

21 fishes, fish 14

I found another fish in my my artjournal. She is called 'October Valentine', because I created her in October and she lives under the tree of hearts.

21 fishes, day 12 and 13

'Honey, we're home!', 
acrylics, collage, inc, photoshop, oilpastel, marker on paper
(available as print here)

a small poetry album

I created a small poetry album, 36 pages of writing and art, 12x12cm (4,5x4,5 inch)
It is in Dutch, but the illustratios are in the global visual language.

 some examples:

Mijn moeder is de mooiste vrouw die er bestaat
Dat zegt mijn vader
Dus is het waar
Als 7-jarige snapte ik dat ik daar niet aan zou kunnen tippen...


Een jongen met zijn telefoon
Energy-drink in de andere hand
De ogen, schuin naar beneden gericht,
Strak, bijna gesloten,
Nemen werelden in zich op
Berichten uit Australiƫ,
Een zoen van een vriendin,
Virtueel, dat wel
Maar alles beter dan staren
door het raam van de trein
dat niets laat zien in de donkere nacht
dan een spiegelbeeld

 you can order a copy of the book here

work from the nightshift...

Last night I have been working on this piece. It is not ready yet.Tonight is another painting party!

21 fishes, day 10

'swimming with the fishes'

I am currently working on a coloring book. The image above is going to be one of the pages in it.

21 fishes: day 7, 8 and 9

Fishes keep streaming out of my pencils and brushes. But... I don't feel like using a realistic model (a picture of a real living fish) for them anymore. So right now they are born again right out of the doodles and lines. I feel fine by it. In this image three fishes are hidden, so they count for three days (never afraid to cheat a little bit....)

drawingproject: 21 fishes, day 1

For ages I want to draw more from reality or from photo's. Not because I like it so much (I rather just doodle around), but because I think it will make my art better. I think that working only from imagination sometimes leads to predictability in my art. 

Today I started a project. Since I draw a lot of fishes from imagination, now for 21 days I am going to draw one fish a day from a photo or reality. To temper high expectations, I don't need to make big art in this project. Just some ideas, doodles or whatever around fishes. It's not my goal to make the drawings as real as possible. I hope I will be inspired and find new forms, textures etc. I hope there will be more variation in my fishes after these 21 days. 

By the way: I am a bit afraid that I will be bored by the project before the 21 days are over. 
I tend to have that like a real artist is supposed to.
We will see what happens.

Anyway, this is day one and fish one. This is a so called klippfish ('klipvis' in dutch).

See you tomorrow!

mondaymorning doodle

mondaymorning doodle to warm the artmaking muscles

greeting cards

Hi everybody, I made a set of 8 different greeting cards, prints of pieces of art that I made. The inside is white and the paper has a linen structure to it. I am quite happy about how they turned out. I hope you enjoy them too. Take look and let me know! (https://www.etsy.com/…/8-different-double-greeting-cards-wi…)


Sorting out some last things that my parents left behind we found truckloads of 
pictures and a lot of old pieces of art we made during our childhood. 
These are some I made when I was 10 years old.

what is this???

 This morning while making the drawing shown above I was thinking: 'What is this going to be?' Then I remembered what my son once told me. He said: 'Listen Mum, it is simple. When you see something that is not recognizable and that is certainly not useful, than it MUST be ART.' 
I am so happy with my down to earth children who are studying math, chemistry or IT, which are things that are recognizable and useful (I guess). They keep my feet on the ground.
Anyway: this must be art!


Julia Cameron advices us to start each day with writing. Three pages handwriting frees us from unproductive thinking, useless worrying and more. It opens the mind to what is really important to us and makes us more creative, she says.

I know a lot of artists who do writing faithfully.

I started doing the morningpages more than seven years ago and have grown adicted to them. If for some reason I don't do them, the day seems a bit lost.

The form of my routine has changed a lot over the years. I used to write my three pages faithfully, but nowadays I often write only a few words and then start drawing. Drawing and painting free and clean my mind even faster then writing does. I hope Julia is not offended by my adaptation of the routine.

The pages above are from this morning.


My shop will be closed on november 4th.
I'll be back in business next saturday! 


een gedicht over een koning

Een koning, zijn tas vol muziek
Ging op reis om uit te delen
Hij strooide zijn muzieknoten kwistig in het rond
De koning zong en zong en zong
En toen zijn buidel leeg was….

Trok hij weer huiswaarts voor de nieuwe oogst

long live the chaos!

'the house on the hill'
collage, drawing and a little bit of photoshop 

My studio is one big mess. There is hardly any order in the things. There are a lot of unfinished paintings, pieces of paper and leftovers from other projects. Somehow this big mess inspires me. This little piece of art is defenitly a result of that.

Long live the chaos!

let's find us a bench

let's find us a bench
where we can sit
and watch the sun go down
where we can sit and stare
until the stars have regained
their magical state
and we start believing in miracles again


In the weekend of 23 and 24 september Leiden is having its 'Kunstroute' again (www.kunstrouteleiden.nl).
During this artfestival artists open the doors of their studios for the public.
My studio will also be open from 12 till 6.
You're very welcome to come and take look at the art I'm working on now.

The adress is: Rijnsburgerweg 75, Leiden