today was a day of ...

today was a day of finding words in unexpected places, 

of finding bright red painted pieces of paper

on the floor of my studio and of playing 

with glue and photoshop...

DADA en hoe maak ik (of jij) kunst van toeval...

Gisteren las ik in de DADA , mijn favoriete kunsttijdschrift (uitgegeven door Plint) over 'dada'. Dada was een kunststroming in het begin van de vorige eeuw (

Geinspireerd door dada en de methodes die zij 

hanteerden maakte ik vanochtend het volgende gedicht:

en dit is weer gebaseerd op dit volledig willekeurige stukje tekst dat ik in mijn atelier vond:

Hoe een volkomen zielloze verzameling van woorden kan veranderen in kunst... dat is dus KUNST! 

Je kunt dit ook heel leuk doen met een programma dat ik op internet tegenkwam: Magnetic Poetry online.

jippy, it's the weekend!

I closed the door behind my last client of this week just now.

It's the beginning of the weekend and I quickly rebuild my private practice office into an art studio.

Not that I need another studio since I have a really big one in the attick.

But in the weekend and the evenings I want to create very close near my family members. So I invented a way to mystically transform my office downstairs into a studio. About 5 to 10 minutes of magic and tah-dah.... 

What a luxery in every sense: being in the same room as the ones I love and at the same time being able to do what I love the most, which is: drawing, painting, making art or something that is supposed to look like art.

Lucky happy me!!

a new print

the road

The road is a print of an abstract collage. 

We can look at our life as if it is a road.  

A road that is always colorful and surprising. 

This piece of art can be obtained with different backgrounds: oldfashioned brown wrappingpaper, deep dark red, grey or blue. 

You can put the work either horizontal or 

vertical on the wall.

prints of my work are available at 'werk aan de muur'



Spring is

Find a nice

Watch the

See the
grass grow

it is best to do nothing

But sit,
watch, listen…

It may not
solve your problems right away

But then…
at least you have the flowers

And through

You can
feel the springtime entering your soul

your ever running thinking mind