I know, this used to be a newspaper
now it is a piece of art
what will its next life bring?
and what will eternity bring?
this is an assignment to promote creativity and fun (see below the image)

1 Print this document  (click here greenstory.pdf)
2 Cut out the 7 drawings
3 Make your own GREEN STORY by putting the drawings in the order that you want, altering the drawings, making new ones, whatever. Write your story down next to the drawings. Make a real piece of art!!
4 Scan your story and send  it to me if you like (mariska.eyck@gmail.com). I’ll figure out a way to publish some of them on this blog.
from my guest-blogger Nathalie

assignment: find as many objects  as you can! the reward is your own happiness!


 design for a mural painting in my school
(more than 35 years ago)