listening to the falling rain
gemengde technieken op papier op doek, 30x24 cm


De regen roffelt op het dak,

Tingelt in de dakgoot

En in de emmertjes onder de lekkages

Klinkt soms een plons

Roffel, tingel, plons…

Roffel, tingel, plons…

tree 3: thinking about chaos

This morning I read a post written by Lisa Sonora Beam (read more about this amazing artist here). She quoted Nietzsche who said the following words: "You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star." Although I don't know what he meant for himself, I love his words. 

Chaos and my uncountable attempts to get a grip on 'it'. Sometimes succesful, but only for short moments. So why not use the chaos as a fertile ground for life? Isn't Life itself a result of coincidence and chaos?

I started working on a poem of which you see some lines in the picture. 

Often when I'm thinking I doodle. And this is how  the tree of today was born. She grew out of the knot of lines and dots.

Happy chaos! 

By the way: the word 'koffie' has nothing to do with the poem.It was just that I felt like I really wanted a fresh cup of coffee. 

draw a tree a day, day 1

A new challenge for me. Since I happen to draw a whole lot of trees, I am going to post one tree-drawing everyday from now on. I don't really commit myself to any amount of blogposts on my trees. I am just curious about what I am going to do with this. Will I post trees for a year, a month, a week or will I be bored after two days? Right now I am excited!

So here is my first tree: