behind this colorful wall hides the year 2011
let's make it a beautiful and happy year!
here is a fish 
on her way to the island
where the color tree grows
there she will paint herself
in orange, pink and glowing blue
until she will smile again
until she will live again

14 things that listening to your creative soul can bring you

Creativity is something I’m passionate about. Not only because I love painting and colors more than anything else. It is also that I deeply believe in the power of creativity to help us make life better on a personal level and a worldly level. We NEED creativity. That is we need to use it, because we all already are creative beings. In this post I’ll list a number of advantages learning to use your creativity can bring you.
The word CREATING is mostly used meaning ‘making  something new’.  It doesn’t need to be art. You can for instance make a new dish, invent a tool or find a solution for a problem.  Making something new asks us to use our imagination. Imagination is making an image in your head of something that doesn’t exist yet. Learning to use your imagination, which we all have just because we’re human, can bring you a lot of things in life. In a random order and by no means all inclusive I’ll give you a list of 14 advantages.

  1. first and for all it gives  more fun in life

  2. it gives room for a playful attitude

  3. can help us understand other people better

  4. helps us develop problem solving capabilities

  5. enhances self-knowledge because it allows us to see deeper in our own souls

  6. no words needed: ‘one image can say more than a thousand words’

  7. learns us that there is always more than one truth

  8. learns us to discover our dreams

  9. helps us to make our dreams come true

  10. makes attentive for details

  11. learns us to look very carefully

  12. helps us develop an exploring attitude

  13. learns us to be more mindful (=being attentive here and now without judging  yourself or others)

  14. learning all the above mentioned things leads us to more freedom

I know this list is much longer. So if you have any ideas for the numbers 15 to infinite, please let me know them.

the colors are a gift  of the earth
The assignment of today was to come up with an elevator pitch, 

which is a very short note on what your blog is about. 

It made me think and rethink my blog.

 Am I true to what I wanted  to  do on this blog in the first place?
I realize that I tend to use this blog mainly as my online gallery. 

That is okay, but what I mostly want is written in the following ‘elevator pitch’:

PASA is a blog on the power of creativity 

… on the creative soul we all have, 

but don’t listen to often or well enough. 

Do you feel your creative soul? 

Learn more on this blog!

So by writing this down here and now I commit myself to do more 

posts on the topic of the creative soul. 

Come back for more!!!