connecting to nature

I didn't go for a walk today, but instead I made this painting

available in print here

24 portraits: an art assignment for today

an art assignment for today:
1. take a paper and draw (or fold it in) 24 squares (or 48 or 96)
2. put a timer on 15 minutes (more squares, more minutes)
3. draw a portrait in every square (work fast!!! don't think!)
4. stop when time is up
5. put the timer on 5 minutes (or a bit more with more squares)
6. put some colored accents in your portraits
7. stop when time is up
8. be HAPPY with your piece of art

Bonus: There is absolutely no need to put yourself down for not having made a wonderful piece of art, because that is not possible in such a short period of time. But I guess you had fun and became more creative and free as time went by and you had to rush to finish the portraits. And that was exactly what this assignment was meant to do!

1011 hearts

'today I drew 1011 hearts' (detail)

I gave myself an assignment today: draw 1000 hearts on these pages. It was an interesting proces. At first I drew slow and wanted them all to be beautiful. Then I tried to make them faster, finding a way to draw a heart in one line. Then I had so many doubts: it's not going to be 'good', 1000 hearts are not going to fit here, why not make 500, but I promissed to do 1000. Listening to all these thought while counting was quite a task, I can tell you. When I was at 1000 hearts I had to do a few more.
What was this assignment telling me about myself? A lot, I guess.


Untill the beginning of february I am taking part in an online course on surface design at Make it in Design
The course is called Winterschool and I'm taking the beginner, the intermediate and the advanced track all at the same time. I wonder where it will lead me.... Exhaustion probably...
This is the first assignment: we had to make a pattern based on stripes.

art can brighten up your day

Making art never fails to brighten up my day. 
Maybe this one can also brighten up yours.

In this piece of art I used mixed media including acrylics, Indian ink and oilpastels. 

available as print on several products here 


 It's cold in the Netherlands!
I made this blue shawl from different materials!
This lady is not going to be cold anymore.

now for sale in my shop

'new kid on the block skipping rope'

The new kid on the block is skipping rope to remind me to keep a playful state of mind. 
Yes, life is serious and that is even more reason to play. 
This is a drawing using several media like indian ink, brushpen and ballpoint. 
The style is scetchy.

available as print here 



This is one from a series of monoprints I made around the year 2000.
I made them using acrylicpaint on paper.
Based on the forms that appeared by accident I added drawings with Indian ink.

Size:  9,6x12,6 inch (24,5x32cm), inside 7,1x8,7 (18x22)

for sale in my Etsyshop

and trees again!

I love trees and doodled these yesterday during a phonecall (a long phonecall). 
Today I'm trying to turn them into a design. 
I don't know what for yet. 
Maybe a poster or a postcard. What do you think? 
Also I'm not sure about the colors yet. 

first drawing of 2017 and a question for today

First doodle of this year, while thinking about things I would like to do a little bit different this year. It's interesting that the older I get the less radical my ideas for a new year tend to be. Am I just generally happy with my life only in need of light corrections or is it lazyness? Interesting question to spend the first day of the year on...