studio visit

Come and take a look in my studio/gallery/shop

My studio is in Leyden, The Netherlands.
A couple of times a year my studio is open for everybody who want to come and take a look at how I work and what I make.   
The next time I will open the studio will be on: 
sunday, march 25 (12-5).

You are also very welcome to make an appointment on other days. Send me an email or contact me through Facebook/Messenger. Come see how I paint or pick up a brush and paint a little by yourself. I love to show you and let you feel how easy it is to make art.

Or, if you feel like it you can just sit on the couch and read a in one of the many artbooks I have in my private mini-library on art and creativity.

My studio is also my gallery, where you can watch and buy my work.

In short: if you want to infuse yourself with art and color, you are very welcome to visit me on one of the open studio days or by making an appointment.
... I might even serve a drink.

Rijnsburgerweg 75, 2334BH Leiden (

by the way: you can pay using PIN