work from the nightshift...

Last night I have been working on this piece. It is not ready yet.Tonight is another painting party!

21 fishes, day 10

'swimming with the fishes'

I am currently working on a coloring book. The image above is going to be one of the pages in it.

21 fishes: day 7, 8 and 9

Fishes keep streaming out of my pencils and brushes. But... I don't feel like using a realistic model (a picture of a real living fish) for them anymore. So right now they are born again right out of the doodles and lines. I feel fine by it. In this image three fishes are hidden, so they count for three days (never afraid to cheat a little bit....)

drawingproject: 21 fishes, day 1

For ages I want to draw more from reality or from photo's. Not because I like it so much (I rather just doodle around), but because I think it will make my art better. I think that working only from imagination sometimes leads to predictability in my art. 

Today I started a project. Since I draw a lot of fishes from imagination, now for 21 days I am going to draw one fish a day from a photo or reality. To temper high expectations, I don't need to make big art in this project. Just some ideas, doodles or whatever around fishes. It's not my goal to make the drawings as real as possible. I hope I will be inspired and find new forms, textures etc. I hope there will be more variation in my fishes after these 21 days. 

By the way: I am a bit afraid that I will be bored by the project before the 21 days are over. 
I tend to have that like a real artist is supposed to.
We will see what happens.

Anyway, this is day one and fish one. This is a so called klippfish ('klipvis' in dutch).

See you tomorrow!

mondaymorning doodle

mondaymorning doodle to warm the artmaking muscles