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I've seen enough reindeers....

contemplating the coming year...

A Painted Wall

is this chrismas?

a sunday morning doodle


just playing around

dreamdancing applegirl

Geluksweekend in Leiden, 12 en 13 november 2016

Geluksweekend in Leiden, 12 en 13 november 2016

new colors...

living well...

Happiness-route in Leiden


going digital...

Tomorrow my shop 'The Happy Artist' is open again!

Have a colorful autumn!

doodling and meditation

just some flowers for a rainy day: have a happy wednesday!


mother and daughter, dreamy mood

on science and art


the moment

simplify your life

Just for the fun of it!

beautiful new painting in the house

Feeling like singing pink and limegreen notes...

Oh my, it was so great last weekend! some pictures...

Kunstroute Leiden 24-25 september

working on wood

long live the eighties....

on fear... and making art

an abstract, but still a sun on this monday morning in september

daring... to make bad art!

the city

when is a piece of art really finished?

I love to work in the garden...

first collage of today... and a digital make over

big plans... so little time...

the world is my canvas

honey, I'm home!