a touch of spring

'a touch of spring'
collage and mixed media on very thick paper
size ca 30x40 cm

Today I was going through my artwork and I came upon this one. I thought about all the phases it had gone trough. First it was a part of a big painting on paper. It had been resting in my studio for a couple of years. I was not sure what was wrong with it, but somehow it was defenitely not right. I cut it up in random pieces when I wanted to make artjournals out of paper and leftovers that I found in my studio. You can see the holes on the right side of the page, where I use metal rings to keep the paper together to let it be a real book. I worked some more on the painting and left it to rest for a long time again. Today it suddenly struck me as a perfect image of my mood: the longing for spring. I hope you feel it too. Have a nice weekend!