New year, new ways!

Hi everybody,

A new year is coming and I feel a need for new ways to make art and new ways to show it to you!

The last year and a half my studio/shop was open every saturday.
I won't be doing that anymore.

I will open the studio for special occasions a couple of times a year.
The first time will be on Sunday March 25.
I will anounce that on the blog and social media.

Of course you can always contact me for a studio visit.
For this you can use messenger/facebook or just simply email me (

In the meantime I will show my work on my blog, on facebook and on instagram.

If you're interested in buying my work or prints of it, you can also visit my webshops (Etsy, redbubble, werkaandemuur).

'may beauty rule and live in my heart and soul'
drawing with markers and photoshop